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Digital Onboarding

Robust API-based ID verification ensures seamless digital onboarding and KYC compliance with Customizable video KYC options like VBIP, VCIP, and VIPV.
Digital Stamping

Automate stamp paper procurement and utilize eStamping for smooth operations, ensuring adherence to regional stamping regulations and pay stamp duty online.

Create, edit, and manage eSign workflows utilizing customizable templates, role-based signing orders, and monitoring documents with virtual audit trails to ensure secure document management.
eNACH Mandate

Utilize NACH-powered payment cycles for hassle-free recurring payments and cash management. Ensure timely processing of payments and receipts via QR codes, APIs, or Aadhaar.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Accelerate contract drafting and execution with remote collaboration and online negotiation on an AI-powered analytical dashboard. Secure contract data in a centralized repository for enhanced accessibility.
Workflow Automation

Configure workflows for onboarding, contract management, and execution on a single platform based on business requirements using low-code automation with streamlined approvals across multiple stakeholders.

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Explore our document automation platform, which offers a variety of AI-powered digital solutions with robust features that can advance your business in an affordable price range for all types of businesses.

AI & ML-Powered
Document Automation

With SignDesk’s AI & ML-Powered digital solutions, businesses can achieve a remarkable 40-50% reduction in TAT and operating costs.

Custom Workflows on
One Platform

SignDesk’s simplified custom workflows boost productivity and audit efficiency by 70-80% on a unified platform.

Low-Code Secure API

SignDesk’s smart solutions accelerate onboarding by 50% and retention by 15-20% fewer KYC drop-offs with secure and low-code API integrations.

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Industry-Centric Solutions

Discover the vast SignDesk ecosystem, which provides expert services, strong infrastructure, and high-level security tailored for all businesses.

Human Resources

Elevate employee onboarding with instant eKYC, smart dashboard profile management, digital document templates, and Legally valid eSigning. Streamline onboarding workflows and ensure compliance for a hassle-free experience.


Streamline your contract cycles and legal documents via digital drafting, negotiation, and renewal. Ensure compliance by utilizing digital stamping and eSignatures for rapid agreement execution.


Efficiently manage vendor onboarding with our KYC dashboard, oversee vendor obligations using Smart CLM, and ensure real-time eStamping for all vendor agreements, ensuring smooth and compliant supply and distribution chains.


Authenticate KYC verification via VCIP, VBIP, and VIPV, ensuring smooth onboarding and digitizing policy documents. Streamline loan agreements with real-time eStamping and eSigning, automated recurring payments with eNACH, and comprehensive contract management with Smart CLM.

Media & Entertainment

Effortlessly handle subscriptions with NACH eMandates for punctual recurring payments. Speed up verification and onboarding through digital KYC while ensuring contract security with eSignatures.

All Industries

Our solutions cater to diverse industries, offering tailored tools and features to address specific needs and challenges. Transform your business to digitize documentation, enhance productivity, and drive growth in your respective industries.

Compliant with 8+ Global Security Certifications

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